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Return of the Veggies

May 4, 2011

Last week was a horrible week in terms of eating healthy. Somehow I managed to barely eat any fruit or vegetables. Not good. So yesterday when I went food shopping I made sure to get some.


I broke out a cucumber for lunch. It was so fresh and crisp. Yummm.

cheese and crackers

I also decided to have some cheese and crackers. Cheddar’s my favorite.

fruit cup

For dessert I had a Tropical Fruit Cup. It wasn’t that good. The fruit seemed hard and didn’t taste that good.


I went out to pick up my mom from work while looking like a bum. College sweatshirt? Check. T-shirt peeking out from sweatshirt? Check. Skinny jeans with slippers and exposed socks? Check. Luckily I didn’t have to leave the car.

Reese's Minis

Mid-afternoon I opened my second bag of these Reese’s Minis. They are soooo delicious. The peanut butter inside is creamier than the that found in the regular ones. I don’t know why they chose to change it up, but I’m glad they did.


Burning a Fruit Cup Yankee Candle. Hmm… there’s a fruit cup theme going on today.

In other news I’m thinking about buying a new camera. This one always takes grainy photos. It doesn’t help that my house is dark (thanks wood paneling!). Any suggestions? I don’t want a dslr (yet). I just want a decent point and shoot that won’t break the bank.

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