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Taking it Outside

April 11, 2011

Today it actually felt like spring! Well actually, it felt more like summer, but that’s besides the point.

Since I’m trying to get outside more and I wanted to enjoy the weather, I did anything I could to get out of the house. First up was a trip to my grandma’s house with my sister. We had the windows down, the sun roof open, and music blaring (well, maybe not blaring…).

When I got home I just had to go outside and soak up this gorgeous weather. So I packed up a bag filled with goodies – iPod, magazines, water, etc. and sat out on the deck. Being the internet addict that I am, I also brought my laptop along. The only problem was trying to actually see what was on the screen.

Facebooking outside

For dinner we had burgers, which were amazing. And for dessert my dad treated us to Dairy Queen! I had a cookie dough Blizzard, which I didn’t get any pictures of.

Speaking of pictures, if I’m going to keep up with this blog I’m going to have to learn to take more pictures…

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