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My 23rd Birthday

April 7, 2011

On your birthday it’s common knowledge that you get to do whatever you want. Well, yesterday I chose to do absolutely nothing.

I pretty much woke up, caught up on tv shows, played massive amounts of Farmville and Cityville, and lounged in my pajamas. Ideally I would have liked to go out, but since that wasn’t happening, relaxing was the next best thing.

birthday cards

look at the cute cards!

You know what I realized? Birthdays are usually just a big let down. I always hype them up, and then the day comes and it’s just like any other day. I guess that’s the little kid in me, but it’s disappointing. I think next year I am going to plan an awesome party or something.

ice cream cake

look at all that purple!

The highlight of my day was ice cream cake! It was delicious!

ice cream cake

make a wish

ice cream cake

it fell apart, but was still yummy!

Every January 1st people make resolutions for the new year. Well since April 6th is the start of my 23rd year, I’m going to make a little resolution. I’m seriously going to give up drinking soda. Realistically this probably won’t happen, but if I can at least reduce the amount of soda I drink, then I’ll be happy. It’s worth a shot!

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